I would like to ask you something: what is architecture?

Difficult to answer in a few lines to such a simple yet complex question; what is evident, however, is how much architecture permeates our life.
We are constantly immersed in spaces designed by humans, for humans.
Spaces define our experience.

Whether you are a designer, a PR & marketing specialist, or a business owner, you know how essential it is to communicate what you do.
It is essential to let others know about you, being recognizable, and start a dialogue with your clients.
For this, images are perfect.

What I do is just that: I give voice to your spaces through photography.

I am Alessandro Carpentiero, a photographer from Milan, Italy, who specializes in architectural photography. The path that has led me to this point has begun with music, which I have studied for many years, and with product design, in which I graduated in 2013.
Photography was always a great passion of mine, but I believed that design was my path.
Working as a designer instead, brought me closer to the fascinating world of architecture.

That is when I had the eureka-moment: why not blend my passion for photography together with the new interest in architecture?

And here I am.

With time and dedication, thanks also to the use of social media, I managed to turn my passion into a profession, creating images for brands all over the world.


However, let’s get back to you.
Are you sure your spaces are represented at their best?
With this, I’m not just referring to the technique behind the photographs, but especially to the story.

I guarantee my clients all this, as well as impeccable and highly personalized service.
Contact me today to understand how I can help you bring out the best from your architecture.

Let's tell a story with your spaces

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